Systemic Constellation/Family Constellation

The systemic constellation/family constellation treatment belongs to the group of systemic brief therapy methods.

First used by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the 1990s, this method is the result of the discoveries, experiences, knowledge and philosophies of many important people. There are many different forms of family constellation, and the method has grown and expanded. It is used by psychotherapists, educators, and organisational and business consultants today.


When we come into the world, we are born into a family, a family whose members all have relationships and ties to each other. Some of them are obvious and some of them are hidden, but we receive information about all of them – on different communication levels. 


We learn, feel and live the relationships in our family – with all of their joy and their suffering – within a network. When we are acting within our original network of relationships, our behaviour seems appropriate, but in later time frames and other relationships it may not seem appropriate.

This may cause problems with partners, children, colleagues, etc.


In family constellations, the people in attendance (or figures on a board) represent people in your original relationship network. You place them in relationship to each other in the room. While you are doing so, it is often possible to pinpoint the problem areas.


Then we look at the situation and work things out to arrive at the cause of the disruption. In the process, what was hidden away inside you becomes visible inside a real room. With my help, you can make a picture of your problems and return to the actions that caused the original problem.

Once you have, you can take another look at your problems, mourn actions and situations, and maybe understand that you can say farewell to something that you’ve been carrying around with you for a long time. You have the opportunity to make peace with yourself and others because you understand that your inner conflict and dissatisfaction only hurts yourself.


When the family constellation comes to a positive resolution, you feel this inside and everyone around you perceives the change.

In the case of illness, a constellation can provide insight into how the illness developed in the first place and may be an important step toward becoming healthy.

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