Kinesiology is a practical, reliable method of clearly seeing how thoughts, trauma, feelings, nutrition, allergens and environmental pollutants, etc. have impacted our organism.

Kinesiology makes it possible for us to see our inner knowledge and use it for our health and further development. 

General speaking. Kinesiology is a tool to find the real causes of problems and it doesn`t matter if they are physical, psychological or others.

Through the musceltest, we can find any hidden problem in the system and by seeing this we can solve it, to bring back health into a human system.

Sommer-Kinesiology is an integral approach to health, which we will use for medical, psychological or orthopaedic problems.


This treatment is being applied to many areas of life today.


Kinesiology works with fine, physical energy that orthodox medicine ignores. It uses a muscle test as a communication system.

The kinesiology muscle test enables your body system to receive feedback from itself. When a person is presented with a ‘stress trigger,’ the muscle being tested becomes weak for a brief time. Kinesiology uses the muscle’s reaction to stress triggers to show which ones are making your body weak and which ones strengthen it.


Kinesiology is a subject taught at many universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US.


Through the muscle test, the subconscious finds its tongue.




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